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Russian-American writer, artist, psychiatrist known for her love (some say - unholy fascination) with edges, fringes, brinks, and all manner of liminality. She writes and illustrates literary horror/New Weird fiction which explores the darkest contradictions of human nature.

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Be advised sun never rises in these realms. You'll have to learn to see in the dark, like an owl. Watch out for the Dancing Shadow. She's beautiful, like your midsummer dream. Her voice is sweet. Her love is deadly. Don't fall for it.


If you come across the Serpent Tree, don't let it see you. Its gaze is caustic like a dragon's spit. It'll melt your bones. Crawl away.


Listen to rocks. They know the language of the gods. If they deem you worthy, they'll share the secrets of gods. But be wise, My Guest. Don't think these secrets harmless.

As for the gods themselves, stay away from them. The gods of [my] Underworld are ferociously hungry. They'll chew your flesh, crunch your bones, and drink your spirit like a mead. Nothing good comes out of a god drunk on human soul. Stay away, for my sake if not yours. 

 Above all,  remember the dark is good and plentiful. It's gentle on your eyes, and it's merciful in a way the light can never be. It's also real—more real than the content of your wallet. Check out for yourself if you don't believe me.

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Now, off you go. Tread lightly.


Yana Barbelo



"The wait is over. Fatal Secrets is over here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster."

The New York Times

"Thrilling in the extreme, Fatal Secrets is a definite page-flipper."

The Washington Post